Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pissed Off !

I might be the youngest!
but m not a dumb a** !

kadang2, otak aku yg muda ni lagi matang and rasional dari korg !

don't u ever for one second get to thinking, u r always rite..

enough is enough la...

jgn lyn mcm aku ni budak 5 tahun yg x taw ape2...


mmg aku ni jenis x suka burst out dpn org or pd sape2 kalau marah...

but please.. m begging u... coz once aku burst out, u r going to remember it for the rest of ur life..

don't test my anger.. :)


sorry readers.. x taw nk lepas kat mne..
ni je cara yg ade... :''(