Monday, June 4, 2012

Need Partner

i went to clinic just now..
alone. drive. mabuk.
sampai kat clinic td rasa nk collapse je.
then check temperature..
38.8 degree Celsius..
panas dalam.
then kne amek darah...for the first time in my life.
cuak+cool je,, sbb pening lg seksa dari amek darah
sbb ensem #puiii xpyh que utk amek darah.
then doc said maybe food poisoning + high fever.
dpt ubat..
antibiotik for 5 days.
rehydration salt

then nk blk td,, i was thinking..
how am i going to drive back with my unstable condition ??
doa n tawakal je la x excident td..
yeah,, i cannot live alone.. at least one person to be on my side..
at least ade org nk drive,,or kalau x bley drive pon,,can call anybody to usung aisy ke klinik.
ade org tolong masakkan bubur or anything that can be eaten.


my mom call every hour to make sure that i'm okay staying alone with high fever..
i wish she could be on my side every moment.. to please me n said "it's gonna be fine" 
it does make me stronger. 

#notakaki: hopefully i can recover before perlis.. need to study all the ikatan thing... how? fenin nih..haih.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

fever !


kepala rasa nk meletop..
hopefully i'll heal before off to perlis..
if not..
hell not M gonna perform well... 
i think bcoz pnat sgt kot..
n Perlis is queuing up..~
pray hard..

Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Birthday !

hey you ! adikku-si-tembam-lagi-lemak-merdu-suaranya...

happy birthday!
sweet 20 !
gud luck in KAGUM monodrama !
stay healthy !
stay put !
be strong for whatever that comes !
x smpt bagi hadiah,,
bagi ni je.. ok la kan... hehe