Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday !

yes, im officially 21..
this year's celebration was quite dull coz i'm having flu n fever.
plus, no more Black Forest Cheese, Chocolates, Perfume, Teddy, Shirts, Pants n so on like previously..
nvm. present is just a present..
what is important now i thank Allah coz giving me chance to live for another year.. 
this time around, my birthday was been celebrated during our BIG camp in cameron highland.. 
so, i got a bouquet of flower from the headmistress of the SJK(C) Tanah Rata.. baek hati guru besar tuh.. 
Thanx to Aril n Najad coz share bagi hadiah scarf tu (even kl panas) hehe...kalau kite ingt org tu,, insyaallah org tu ingt kita.. itulah adat berkawan.. :) 
n thanx gak kat to all my friends sebab nyanyi lagu burfday time kat cameron tuh.. :)

#notakaki: *selamat menyambut ramadhan
                 *da kne tukar IC
                 *da bley masuk club

Friday, July 13, 2012

I Am Single

Being single is a choice, 
some say it's to avoid heartbreaks
but some choose to be single because they're still in love with someone else.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lets Live Life Lively...

hey.. its beginning of ma new semester...
x sampai sebulan lagi,, many things happen.. 
happy,sad,joy,bad, flourish, sick.... smile..

Yunaliszarai said,, "di setiap gambar ada lagu"... well,, these pictures will do the job of telling my stories..

Muzikal Hari Guru

Birthday Dr.Ghazali at The Sphere Bangsar

Hiking at Gunung Bukit Buah Genting Highland

K.O.T 2012 CHAMPION for 3 Times 

Champion for Treasure Hunt English Week

Closing Ceremony's Gorgeous Zombies for English Week (thriller wif lecturer) 

Citrawarna 1 Malaysia 2012 Opening Muzikal Team at Merdeka Square KL

Show Inang Cina wif Tari 9 at Himpunan Sejuta Belia under GPMS

Champion Dance Competition for International Dance Day (Dandut)

KAGUM National Level and Overall Champion (BSMM)

Flashmob in IPBA for Hari Guru Celebration wif KESENI

Generasi Y Stand As One Carnival. Requested from the JKKN booth for group singing

Graduation Choir at Dewan Sri Siantan Putrajaya

I love what I am doing..
These pictures have different2 stories... well,, maybe for the next post,, i'll do some supporting details on the selected picture... 

#notakaki: terkilan x dpt gi IPIS for volleyball.. i assume bcoz i didn't attend the adhoc meeting at 11p.m for the selection purposes.. ntah lah.. da la siap dpt perli lg tuh.. saba2... xpelah.. xde rezki kot... chill.. :)