Thursday, May 30, 2013

Second Chance

i''m currently reading a novel called "KELABU" to fill my semester break.. yeah.. 3 weeks without seeing any IPBA's friends.. anyway.. in that novel, i've come across these words.. 

second chance

do you believe in second chance ? i do believe in second chance.. i dunno.. yeah, people make mistakes.. its up to us whether to forgive or not.. most people choose to forgive but not to forget. i'm one of it.. it all depends on the situation and that particular person.. if someone who's very close to me, i somehow will give him/her the second chance for the sake of friendship.. as far as what i've gone through, its hard to built a concrete friendship.. thus, it goes the same to break it... refer to the saying up there.. i still remember what my friend said.. if we literally hate that somebody, just think about what he/she have done best for us.. coz we don't even know if one day, there will be a turn over.. hate is a strong word tho.. 

well, back to the second chance thing, in that novel, the hero is a very handsome man who loves photography, anak dato' and turn to be a player after his heart was broken into pieces.. the hero refused to give his ex a second chance.. even the ex has change to a better person.. well, as human, he still have that sekelumit feeling towards his ex.. it just that the anger,pride and ego which prevent him from accepting the second chance..

at first i was about to agree coz yeah.. dah kne buang kan.. watpe nk terhegeh-hegeh blk kan? i believe that we don't live by the pass kan.. reflection is a must but moving on is supposed to be the forte rite.. same goes when we we are driving.. which one is easy ? making a u-turn or just take the simple turn? 

again. come to think of it, everyone makes mistakes.. most of the time we decided to live with the mistakes. sometimes, we're given a room to turn back and correct what was wrong. there is no shame in turning back especially when living in regret and guilt is too hurtful. thus, giving others the second chance is like a golden moment of one's life.. for example, in a singing competition, u r being kicked out during the first round bcoz u cracked ur voice while singin', then, somebody who is still in da competition pulling back and the producer offered u to be in da competition again.. i'm sure u r going to better than the first round right? u won't spoiled the second chance rite? 

if the first one went wrong, obviously there's room for improvement. that is the concept of second chance. what i think? forgive is a must.. forget is a choice... 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy 100th Post !

Malacca 2012

Happy 100th Post AisyEizhar!

keep on writing
as this will be a memory lane for you 
in da future.
*just incase u suffer from memory lost.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

FoodPorn.... PORN?

baru-baru ni org ada terbaca article pasal sape-sape yang suka amek gambo makanan n upload dilabel sebagai pesakit mental... mase tu, cam tekejot jgk la sbb tgh trending kan.. x gitu Harith Iskandar ? hehe..sesedap lemak ammar je kan die tulis article tuh.. sbb ade feedback daripada researcher yang mengkaji pasal sakit mental nih..xde kne mngene okeh order makanan-------->makanan sampai-------> snap picture---->upload----->GILA
mane connection nye ? kan. 
kalau nk baca, go to this link... ArticleTakMental

As for me, biarlah org nk amek gambo tu, upload dlm instagram ke, facebook ke, coz it will be kept as memories.. who knows kan lepas ni dah xde lagi makanan2 yg mcm ni since dunia da makin maju ni kan... sok ntah2 makanan sume dlm bentul pil je,, 
"bapak x best!"

so, now, i'm gonna promise myself to take more picture to be kept as memories.. macam gambo kat atas ni sebut la kan.. hehe.. kalau boleh, mmg nk cuci gambo2 ni dari letak dlm laptop je kan.. bile crash, segala bende sume ilang.. so bile cuci, at least bile ternampak tuh,, trus terkenang.... haha.. sbb kite x taw, at least bley la tunjuk kat anak cucu, yg dlu makanannye mcm ni.. now(2040) da xde lagi da.. sume bijirin je.. ahah.. mcm parents kite slalu eksyen ngan kite la.. kata dlu kat sini ade taman bunge cantik tmpt mak ngan abah dating dlu... cewah.. so, these are few pictures of food yang maybe da xde 2050 nnti? haha... 

ikea meatballs... 

#ayamgoreng #ayamlemakciliapi #sayurcampur #cookedbyme

#ayamblackpeppermasakcendawan #telursambal #cookedbyme


#daimchoccake #arieq'sbirthday

hehe.. tetap jugak nk guna #hastag kan... and one more thing.. mcm x paham jap knpe org tiap kali upload pic makanan n die tag #foodporn..
tau la food tu sedap n porn tu pleasure... xkan makan sambil fefeeling lyn porn kot ? hahaha... mcm x suits kan coinage tu.. ape2 pon.. suke aty diorg la kan.. 
"insta mereka.... hidup mereka"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Teacher's Day !

I'm proud to be a Primary School teacher.
bcoz u can be like this............


i dunno i should be proud or mad... beyond madness.. lol

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

congrats !

twitter: RafiqahRamli 
UiTM Segamat.
Diploma in Business Studies
pre-grad B.A Hons Business Administration Finance
my closest friend in High School Segamat

 facebook: Ilyasa Syun Ilyas
Vanderbilt University of Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Best Student Batch 08 High School Segamat

twitter: Ieqa Hamzah 
Politeknik Merlimau Melaka
Diploma in Accountancy
Dean List Student
currently studying : B.A Hons Business Management, UUM Sintok.
Best Buddy in High School Segamat

this boy ?
tetibe teringat ayat mak..

"Mak: Kaw grad bile?

Me: Mei 2015 kot....

Mak: Lambat nye lagi... ntah sempat ke tak mak nk nengok..

Me: ....................."
(isyaallah mak.. org sentiasa doakan mak panjang umur)

most of my friends up there at least they already have their scroll... at least, something happen to our education system, they have their security.. me ? insyaallah,, kita doa sama2 ok...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Grade does matter...

well, as you can see.. this is the classification of my qualification for my program in IPG... 
dahsyat kan.. I'm still not really sure whether I really can achieve the Second Class Upper coz it seems blurry.. haha.. biasa lah.. sbb blaja maen2.. actually, to be truth, most of my friends, we really nailed our coursework seems the exam is going to be toughed. IPBA is tough u know... seriously, try to register in my Maktab and try TESL to be exact n u'll see the difference..

anyway.. Alhamdulillah, i just finished my practicum phase 1 and a lot to be told but i like to do it nk borak, kne face to face,, bnyk sgt nk type nnti.. haha.. biasa lah... bdk baru belajar.. gossip bnyk ckt... pasal guru pembimbing la,, lecturer la,, skolah la.. hehe.. sbb excited.. tu je sbnrnye... hehe.. Alhamdulillah once again,, i guess it went well for me and the marks given was not too bad.. syukur... :)

take a look at the grading and the pointer.... yeah.. today i just got another feedback regarding my coursework for the subject Managing ESL Classroom by Mano.. my assignment was being moderated and luckily the marks does not differ much. i'm happy with what i've got.. 

Yesterday, another feedback was given by Kak Yan and Alhamdulillah, all my team members got A's for the course since our Jack and The Beanstalk was a triumph... so, it will makes my pointer a little bit secure for the time being.. coz i dunno what's gonna happen to my exam result later. when the time comes, it will be answered.. hehe.. for now, doa je la bnyk2....

the sad thing is, i've got B+ for my Linking Theory To Practice coursework. I reflected back, i think, i deserve that.. Alhamdulillah once least x fail or lesser than that kan.. by looking at the effort done and the production, i deserve that.. org laen punye teaching aids mmg gedabak awesome la kan.. they deserve an A.. no doubt.. but just terkilan ckt je coz my another 2 mates, they got an A for this subject.. left me behind.. i should have struggled more and be in the same boat with them.. another view, i guess biasa lah.... my tutorial classmates, most of them were excellent student.. so, being part of the members, u really need to bring urself well.. this is what we call, persaingan secara sihat... i took it as a challenge.. 

what can i say is that, choose ur lecturer well,, bak kata mdm laila,, 

"u nak lecturer yang sempoi tp xde input or u nak dgn yg expert dlm bidang tu? u choose!" 

trus tersentap kjap n yup... pemilihan lecturer tu penting.. rapport pon penting.. the best part is u know ur lecturer well.. so, u know how to tackle them.. to be truth, most of the lecturer that i picked throughout this semester were expert in what they were teaching. n most of my friend dare not to choose them as their tutors coz they said "yg ni bnyk kerja la,, cerewet la,, garang la,, baek amek yg sempoi,, kje x bnyk.." mostly boys la.. girls pon ade jgk few.. nk dok ngan kroni je..haha.. ur choice, u face it.. behavior is a choice kan... pi lantak la org nk kata I am anak ikan lecturer tu la, anak kesayangan la, janji i got my A.. sbb ? tgk blk pengelasan kelas atas tu.. i want to be posted later.. if possible, i dun want to be interviewed for posting.. 

so, next sem,, i'm gonna do it again.. choose the best.. even if i am going to be the only guy in that class, i don't mind.. lg la special.. hehe.. kan....

so, my first paper will start next week.. best of luck to me ! and score lg 3 paper ni.. insyaallah.. anything can happen can..

gud luck to PISMP TESL 2011 !
and others too !

Thursday, May 2, 2013

its me..

its pointing at me..
it was mine.
right from the beginning.
n now,
i need to fix this.

Abah, I miss u.
you know its hard.