Friday, June 6, 2014


 i heart them
can't imagine to start a new life without them

another semester to go guys.
then we off
to our own path..

kenang daku dalam doamu please...

jgn sombong lepas ni ey?


SaidaFarees 31Mei2014
Jempol N9

Saturday, February 15, 2014

i'm done.

people keep saying

ko cemerlang! calon rentas! ape de hal?
to be truth,
it turn out to be some kind of demotivating.
u should ask urself.
how do u feel when people keep saying things which u'r not..

i'm struggling here.
new school,
new environment,
new mate.
new problems.

believe me.

its hard.

i know myself, where i stand, n how would it be.

sesape yg ikhlas menyebut dan mendoakan nye, 
insyaAllah awak pon akan dpt jgk nnti.. 
saye pon doakan...
sesame lah kite ye...

tp kalau niat just nk membahan,
u did it.. i'm demoralized.. :/

Sunday, February 2, 2014

s t ruggle . . .

manusia mana je yang x mengeluh kan..
baik sengaja, baik x sengaja....

its true....
“Laughter drains all stress for the whole day.”

"people with the biggest laughter feels the deepest pain"


i'm having not-a-good-start-2014.... 
i'm feeling lost all da way.... 
maybe it bcoz of:

1- not really ready for practicum.. 
2- the feeling of people ditching me away..
3- mentally-blurred-action-research.
4- closest friends are away.
5- staying alone
6- alone
7- perfume habis
8- tak bersyukur....

well, insyaallah.. i'm preparing myself to be better... SK Bandar Sri Damansara 1... please.. i'm begging u.. be nice with me.. and my lovely 40 cutie monkeys of 3 Mawar... lets have fun together.. cikgu dlu masa sekola rendah, nama kelas cikgu Mawar gak taw! so, please jgn bagi malu nama Mawar :)

anyway, a big happy-married shout to Puan Naseha from PSV 2011 & Puan Amira Azha TESL 2011! Insyallah kekal till Jannah and produce cute babies.. 
and Happy E-day to Pika Hamzah ma best buddy in STS and Ayu Kahar ma kembar ! moga Allah mudahkan perjalanan korg membina masjid... so, who's next? haha.. good2.. sila hasilkan populasi yang berkualiti n comel2 ye kawan2 :)