Saturday, February 15, 2014

i'm done.

people keep saying

ko cemerlang! calon rentas! ape de hal?
to be truth,
it turn out to be some kind of demotivating.
u should ask urself.
how do u feel when people keep saying things which u'r not..

i'm struggling here.
new school,
new environment,
new mate.
new problems.

believe me.

its hard.

i know myself, where i stand, n how would it be.

sesape yg ikhlas menyebut dan mendoakan nye, 
insyaAllah awak pon akan dpt jgk nnti.. 
saye pon doakan...
sesame lah kite ye...

tp kalau niat just nk membahan,
u did it.. i'm demoralized.. :/

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