Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Hols !

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hey everyone !
its Hoooooooliday !
brace urself.. coz its not gonna be a relaxing holiday...
coz teachers got TONS of loads to be done!
its merely just a holiday..

but then,
alhamdulillah, we still manage to let our hair down..
see the pictures? 
that happens since the holiday started.
and now,
ASSignment mood


#notakaki: looking forward to do something like this more often. quality time. dok kat bilik pon masing2 pakai earphone je. lulz. Jom GI JOE which will be out on 28th March! see ya in Keyy Ell ! on Friday perhaps~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jack and The Beanstalk..

Picture : Ainol
Editing: Aziz

"all our worries are over there's nothing more to fear"

itu literally je.. padahal tons of stuffs need to be submitted on the April fool! 

btw, ni la my teammates for our assignment for the course Plays n Drama for Young Learners.. I was the director and part of the actor which is not so important.. but then, I was thankful and bersyukur sgt sbb dpt teammates yg cooperative and give their full commitment when working on the play.

I want to thank all coz pilih my script and willing to work on it... honestly, being a director means u being the person incharge..and to work with this group, it was a big challenge for me.. 

first, our lecturer is Kak Yan n she is ....... I won't even dare to describe.. plus, most of the members in the group were experienced people, i would say.. pastu ramai usianye lebih dari saya..so, nk berkeras sgt kang, siapalah saya.. so, i go with the flow.. biasa lah,, terkecik aty ngan diorg ckt coz bile instruction is given, ada yg buat muka, ada yg respon mcm hek eleh, apsal mcm tu plak? , skrip x hafal2..latihan buat maen2 sbb mungkin die rasa die bagus.. n they might said, alah, director mcm la ade buat kerja2 laen, props ke, jahit baju ke,, ape die tau.. 

well,, xpe lah,, sdpkan aty, anggap la member2 gurau2.. i was trying to give what I know..tp last night before the show, I was really tensed up.. coz things have not reached to my satisfactory.. sorry la kalau ade terbuat muka ckt.. but i've tried not to show that i'm not satisfied.. n a bit kecik aty ngan org yg rasa die bagus sgt tu.. what can i say is that 80% of the commands and instructions, decision were from them n i just approved it. coz I purposely want it to be two way.. so that u'll be responsible for what u wish for.. n i don't want to be autocratic and don't even know how to be one.. but overall, i satisfied.. even our Kak Yan liked it. she SMS me this morning n say congrats.. its a good sign. most of the responses were positive.. i'm proud of my team coz they were the one who succeed..

i talked to one of the director during LTP class just now, she wanted an honest response from me about their group and also i shared what we director felt along the project.. i said to her that my group ramai "orang besar2" and she claimed that at least i can handle them wisely,, she had more challenges coz their group ramai org yg suke buat kepala sndri.. she even burst out during the practice and she regret it.. dun worry,, learning is part of living..

luckily i was able to manage myself well.. saya hanya buat apa yang termampu.. 

This perhaps my first and last directing in the college. If i've too, rasanya to certain people only.. i rather work with org yg zero knowledge then org yg rasa die da ckup ilmunye.. i personally liked Kak Syidah style of learning.. 

Tetibe teringat n berterima kasih kat Dr.Ghaz for segala ilmu yg pernah diturunkan.. mmg x rugi sbnrnye be part of particular group sambil menimba ilmu..

Alhamdulillah atas segalanya... :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Far Away.

I just came back from Taman Negara Jerantut Pahang. 
Really enjoyed myself there.
Sorry mates, I was about to bought u guys t-shirt of Taman Negara...
But the souvenir shop was too far from the bus.. x larat nk jalan..
It would be fun if my KESENI members were there.
Things are not the same anymore.. :(
When people ask...
I've no reply...
I've been wondering..
What was the cause..
I am one of the reason..

I fall sick..
probably bcoz of the weather.
KOT is coming.. I need to support all my friends..
gud luck my rumates for ur acara..
gud luck my classmates for the acara padang...
gud luck for all the officials..
and gud luck to all participants....

I might need Changes for myself...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sad Love Story..

i love you
but i don't belong to ur life anymore..

Welcome To NORIS family tree !

Congrats to Helmy and my sister Insyirah for the arrival of their baby boy,

Muhammad Harraz ------- *haven't decided

yg sgt cute cm baby korea sepet same cm ibu die...lahir jam 4.16 am....

on 03032013  weight 3.3 kg...putih merah kulit die...coooomey sgt...both ibu n harraz 

now in a good condition...alhamdulillah...sume slamat..

but sadly,, it was a cesarean.. she had gone through normal delivery for trice..

but this time around,, Allah uji sikit.. ade conflict ckt and perlu operate.

Aisy suggest nama die..

Muhammad Harraz Eirfan