Sunday, March 10, 2013

Far Away.

I just came back from Taman Negara Jerantut Pahang. 
Really enjoyed myself there.
Sorry mates, I was about to bought u guys t-shirt of Taman Negara...
But the souvenir shop was too far from the bus.. x larat nk jalan..
It would be fun if my KESENI members were there.
Things are not the same anymore.. :(
When people ask...
I've no reply...
I've been wondering..
What was the cause..
I am one of the reason..

I fall sick..
probably bcoz of the weather.
KOT is coming.. I need to support all my friends..
gud luck my rumates for ur acara..
gud luck my classmates for the acara padang...
gud luck for all the officials..
and gud luck to all participants....

I might need Changes for myself...

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