Monday, October 18, 2010


alhamdulillah, rezeki dtg lagi for this month... utk pngetahuan sume readers, aisy skrg bz ngan dance.. hehe... n kitorg wat freelance.. under name PEWARIS... so,, if spe2 nk invite kitorg 4 show,,boley la contact aisy... huhu..
tapi,, penat nye,, Allah je tau.. huh~ sape jiwa x kental,,mmg susah la nk thn.. imagine,, show yg lepas, kitorg wat show utk launching one product terkenal  ni,, show ni demand lbey tau... diorg request for 4 dance... so,we need to siapkan choreography within 4 days. but kitorg hanye dpt practice dlm mase 3 ary jek. the first one is tarian JAWA,, next is ARABIC, followed by ZAPIN (my peberet!) n end with JOGET( i hate so much).... every dance,,kitorg kne tukar bju.. so,,berlaku la peristiwa yg agak menjatuhkan mood kitorg mse tu.. adeh~ ..... 
but,,not only dat.. 
aisy dpt job menyanyi... hehehe. thanx to dr.ghaz bcoz give me this opportunity walaupon nyanyi HAUK !.  haha... but then,,it was a good experience.... 
n the most important things,, we don't do it for free.. haha.. not F.O.C oke ! 
the payment ? it is around RM1++.++ per person..hehe.....

next rezeki...

haha... this weekend.. we got a new job ! haha... but this time.. ade 2 dance jek.. it is for org kawen... 

kali ni,, ni bkn sebarang wedding.. this time around,, wedding org agak kenamaan la.. hehe.. 
as usual,, kitorg dibayar... n aisy pon akan menyanyi utk event ni coz ade request.. maybe aisy akan bwk lagu Hello from Lionel Richie... n Lagu tradisional 1...hehe... kali ni,,payment utk nyanyian lain dgn tarian oke.. so,,bley la generates income sikit...hehe.... thanx to dr.ghaz coz sediakan platform utk aisy kembangkan bakat yg x seberapa nih...

so,,wish me luck oke !

choral speaking.

haha... dis time around,, kelas 3.1-3.4 need to conduct an assembly (monthly). so, class aisy kene buat choral speaking.. dipendekkan cite, aisy diberi kepercayaan to be a conductor for the choral speaking .. bkn senang oke nk jaga 30 girlz nih... haha.. tp xpe.. diorg sume cooperative.... the show was a success just now...haha.. lega sungguh.. n lots of positive comment i got from the lecturer n students.... x laen x bkn,, conductor IPTAA menjadi idola kuh...haha.. tu yg terover ckt tuh..keh2.. tp xpe.. lg best, ade lecturer ckp,,if kitorg stick to this style n delivery mcm ni,,kitorg bley wakil ipba tau..haha.. x tau la,,tu komen dri org.. we took it as positive comments la..hehe.. so,, congrats my deary friends ! and all yg terlibat,, Mr. Damein, Ash,,, n  all... luv2~

till then, 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


"i want my own room!"

Hostel should be a 'heaven' place that replacing our "own house" (thesis statement) HAHA !
well, as all of u know, BLOK 1 in ipba is so canteq hazardous ! dah nak runtuh oke ! 
but still, i want my own room. not because i didn't like my current roomate or what. i just want my privacy time sometimes (ehem2)...hehe... so nakal !
actually, i want my own room because i lurve designing. since i left my own room(SEGAMAT), i got no chance to deco my room in ipba. so many things to carry, so many things to susun, so many things to tampal !
in ipba, i couldn't even sweep the floor, updating my locker, doing checklist(mcm stor), listing all my shirt and stuff. i don't have the guts to do it because of the condition of the room. if can, i want my own room in IPBA. if cannot sorang in one room, at least, i have one mate ! so,, "who's with me ?!" HAHA...
i want the A room bcoz i think it suits for 2 people plus with the toilet....erk~  i wish i could.....
btw,, i support the idea of changing the roomate and room every semester because at least, we people can mix with other students better.. don't u wanna know all of them ? but if my next roomate is oke , and can tag along nicely, a.k.a satu kepala !, roomate changing no need to be continued ! HAHA !
so demanding ! u wish la Aisy !

*sorry for not updating ma blog recently ~ lot of things to settle.....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


aku x paham !
ape lagi la yg x kene.
ape lagi salah aku ?
aku dah x de campor urusan idop ko.
ENOUGH ! fullstop~