Monday, December 31, 2012

The Last Day of 2012

hey ! Great to know you 2012 !
All the laughter, sadness, joy and happiness.. 
Till then.. 

Happy New Year 2013

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Making Memories

This morning,
I woke up and having this thought.. 

"it's good if all the memories that couldn't be captured by a camera could be transferred to a screen so that I can hit the replay button thousand times..."

Have u ever experienced all of ur good memories were lingered around ur thoughts together with a soothingly song played as a back up? well, I always do.... sometimes I wish  I can connect a USB cable to my mind bcoz it happened to produce an awesome video.. [something that any software couldn't do it! lol]

Yeah, I didn't realize that I was making memories tho, all I knew, 
I was having a good time... 

What about bad memories.. hurts.. nightmares... ? it just an ugly-truth of life and sometimes a beautiful-nightmares. We just need to face it. It is good if the memories were recorded too.. So that we can see how many people were hurt or even being embarrassed by us. As a self reflection I guess.. I said that coz i've been in the situation before.. sometimes, people were just too ignorance to look back how their friends feel. We keep silent for good and put a smile on our face for the sake of friendship. "Once you hurt someone, it will always be in the back of their mind, even if they still have a smile on their face..We slipped our tongue. I did that too sometimes and regret it..

"kesalahan pada manusia harus diminta maafnya kepada manusia" 

#notakaki: tetibe teringat my essay during my foundation. The title was "The Truth or Silent For Good?"

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pissed Off !

I might be the youngest!
but m not a dumb a** !

kadang2, otak aku yg muda ni lagi matang and rasional dari korg !

don't u ever for one second get to thinking, u r always rite..

enough is enough la...

jgn lyn mcm aku ni budak 5 tahun yg x taw ape2...


mmg aku ni jenis x suka burst out dpn org or pd sape2 kalau marah...

but please.. m begging u... coz once aku burst out, u r going to remember it for the rest of ur life..

don't test my anger.. :)


sorry readers.. x taw nk lepas kat mne..
ni je cara yg ade... :''(

Friday, December 14, 2012


Once upon a time
there was a boy
who have a very big fat dream...
Once he dreamt about being a Singer
Sometimes an Actor
Most of the time a Model
but Destiny brought him here
to be a Teacher...
whom gonna teach 

#notakaki: -If one day i'm gonna have an album.. This is gonna be my concept.. 
                  -This pic was taken by my old-samsung-galaxy S

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Haha.. cam ngada kan ? sume org nk update status psl special nye 12.12.12 nih.. 
kata ade luck la, itu la,,ini la.. ngarut je semua tuh.. huhu..

As for me.. let me list down what happened to me on 12.12.12 today.. ;-)

First, i went to hospital putrajaya this morning for Abah's appointment... then gi kat farmasi coz nk mintak ubat.. staff HPJ mmg ok..the way diorg treat customer mmg best.. baek, sopan n professional... bak kata pejol, maybe dkt ngan kementrian... haha... senang nk spot check ye dop ?

Then, reached home.. my sister beriye plak ngidam nk mkn durian crepe.. so,, dgn megahnye, gigih mencari sampai ke Tesco n Giant Nilai.. last2,, hapah ! x jmpe pon bende alah yg tgh trending skrg..seb baek da slalu mkn kt Midvalley..

Balik2 kne babysit budak 2 org nih plak.. haih... Yang beso tu Aqiel Haidar..adik diesi Arieq Haidar nih.. letih ! xpe.. demi menjadi bapak yg  berjaya suatu hari nnti.... #cewah.. besok "epydeday~!" si Arieq nih... genap 2 tahun... die ni kuat mkn... *firsttimeguneHDRshot

After switched on my phone yg mati sbb abez battery, dpt mesej ni plak from my sister.. yeay!! tali jam SEIKO dah elok.. tp.. rabak ! *abaikan.gambo.tu

Tadi lps maghrib, bile on9,, bergurau senda plak ngan fatehana, geng SBE 4 kat Sk. Simpang 5 Darat dlu.. die mmg gila, riuh plus ribut.. xde kje wat bnde nih
si gila 9gag tuh...

Lastly, i've found this teaser on Maria Elena Zarul n her fiance Asfirdaus... cool gile teaser diorg for pre-wedding nih... sama padan la diorg ni.. sorg ribut,,sorg cool je.. 
Selamat Menempuh Alam Perkahwinan ye korg...

huh.. what a day kan for 12.12.12
well,, at least I have something to look at on this date once 
I walk down the memory lane later...

#notakaki: besok birthday Arieq Haidar.. the day after tomorrow plak birthday Qhairatunnisa.. my sister ni mmg suke beranak time cuti skola je kan... n mlm ni jgk la Mira Alias confess something ! wow.. n Zah having her good time by liking gambo2 sebelum masihi dlu.. haha.. ok.. gtg..

Monday, December 10, 2012

Cinta Dari Syurga..

saya bru je tgk cerekarama "Cinta Dari Syurga" ptg ni td..bosan2 dok umah kan.. hehe..
i would say this is one of the best piece sepanjang hayat cerekarama wujud kat tv3.. bkn ape.. selama ni cite yg berunsurkan islamik semua mcm x mendlm sgt.. sume cite pasal pompuan baik teraniya la, penghijrahan cite ni, deep gile.. jelas intelektual islamik nye.. pandai la researcher die buat research.. 

rasanye suami isteri yang da kawen, patut tgk cite mcm ni sebagai panduan.. tgk mcm mane sehebat mane pon agama diorg, godaan syaitan tuh.. mcm mane harungi kehidupan tanpa kurniaan zuriat, mcm mane perasaan bermadu,, macam mne cara berlaku adil,, dan mcm mne hebatnye dugaan Allah.. pergh... tp respect la watak Fauziah Gaos dlm cite tu.. isteri yg tenang dan bnyk muhasabah diri.. watak sampingan dalam cite tu pon sgt2 best dgn pandangan ilmiah diorg.. :)

speaking of her..
she resembled somebody that i used to know.. :')
muke sebijik.. so mase tgk cite tu,, fefeeling la.. haha.. well,, 
moving on doesn't mean letting go.. it just the missing pieces were still left inside.. but i will survive.. rindu tu normal la.. #ceh

btw, good news.. finally, i've met my sister's new boyfriend.. org Kelantan katanya.. borak2 ngan die td.. ok la. not bad.. ade kerja, rupe, agama... xde la yg mcm sebelum ni.. haha.. #sorrySis.. haha.. i'll pray the best for u yup.. harap2 yg ni kekal la sampai ke jinjang pelamin.. walaupon jaoh nk ngantor nnti.. tp xpe.. usia tu da sesuai da bg seorang pompuan.. :P

n for those yg x smpt tgk kat tv3 mase tu,, bley tgk usya link kat bawah ni.. x perlu donlod.. bley tgk online je.. maybe pandangan kite x sama.. but for me, it is a good piece..

#notakaki: lately ni asyik mimpi pelik2 je.. slame kat kolej,,jarang nk mimpi2 ni.. mostly mimpi sedih la.. dah dua kali two ears full of tears nih... haih.. syaitan,,plis maen jaoh2 ey.. shuuh2...

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Currently, this is my desktop wallpaper...
I don't know why but I think this picture is kinda cool..
n it represent JOHO
my lovely state.. hehehe
"cenggini la baru stail doe !"
"borak toksah kencang, bio gambo ni yang sembang"
hehe.. we know if you are a true Johorean..
actually, kalau ikutkan, org joho ni mmg ckp kaso ckt.. 
tp bkn kaso sebenonye. bahasa same je.. cume struktur ayt tu disusun je pelik ckt..
x dpt nk recall plak contoh ayat for now.. nnti dah teringt,, saya edit balik ey? hehe..
bnyk org kate, org joho ni kebanyakannye klako..mungkin la.. haha.. *punchface
n pade sape2 yg agak2 nk tempah baju yg stail lagi smart nih, boley pegi link ni...
baju JOHO ni mmg limited ckt.. hehe

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's just another dream.

I woke up this morning around 6.15 a.m because i was having a bad dream. I couldn't sleep after that. U know, termenung mcm dlm drama tv tu...Well, it doesn't seem like a nightmare to me at least. What happened was, I had a fight with one of my friends where I confronted what that person had missed out throughout the friendship.

well,, I wish that I have that kind of courage where Allah give me strength to speak out things that have been lingering my mind that querulously inside. I was hoping that this dream would be reality. I have this feeling where de-javu is certainly gonna take place. It just the matter of time where the claymore is waiting to be stepped on!

But at the same time, it vexes me out where quarrel is not really my thing..  I hate when it turns out that people will not talk to each other after a confrontation where the "awkward moments" will definitely happen.. And i do concern about people feeling.. too much.. as I dun want to see anybody get hurts or sad.. so, I rather keep the unsatisfactory feelings aside so that nothing will happen.. like what me and my classmate Rastiara Hanifati said, "kite telan je la,, kite kan geng Cancer yg hebat! lol".. 

i'm a dreamer

#notakaki: i've come across this quote saying "Moving on? Yes. Letting go? No." it is definitely two different things.. we can moved on on certain things.. but not letting it go as it will remain as memories.. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vendetta .

u tell me..
how am i going to stay with a person
while i'm still holding a vendetta...
i can't stand being fake anymore.. 
hoping for a cure..
only u can make the cure...
if not,, things won't be change 
i'll eat it up pieces by pieces 
so that u'll notice one day.

#notakaki: helping my sister to mark SPM paper.. need to submit it by tomorrow...