Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's just another dream.

I woke up this morning around 6.15 a.m because i was having a bad dream. I couldn't sleep after that. U know, termenung mcm dlm drama tv tu...Well, it doesn't seem like a nightmare to me at least. What happened was, I had a fight with one of my friends where I confronted what that person had missed out throughout the friendship.

well,, I wish that I have that kind of courage where Allah give me strength to speak out things that have been lingering my mind that querulously inside. I was hoping that this dream would be reality. I have this feeling where de-javu is certainly gonna take place. It just the matter of time where the claymore is waiting to be stepped on!

But at the same time, it vexes me out where quarrel is not really my thing..  I hate when it turns out that people will not talk to each other after a confrontation where the "awkward moments" will definitely happen.. And i do concern about people feeling.. too much.. as I dun want to see anybody get hurts or sad.. so, I rather keep the unsatisfactory feelings aside so that nothing will happen.. like what me and my classmate Rastiara Hanifati said, "kite telan je la,, kite kan geng Cancer yg hebat! lol".. 

i'm a dreamer

#notakaki: i've come across this quote saying "Moving on? Yes. Letting go? No." it is definitely two different things.. we can moved on on certain things.. but not letting it go as it will remain as memories.. 

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