Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Making Memories

This morning,
I woke up and having this thought.. 

"it's good if all the memories that couldn't be captured by a camera could be transferred to a screen so that I can hit the replay button thousand times..."

Have u ever experienced all of ur good memories were lingered around ur thoughts together with a soothingly song played as a back up? well, I always do.... sometimes I wish  I can connect a USB cable to my mind bcoz it happened to produce an awesome video.. [something that any software couldn't do it! lol]

Yeah, I didn't realize that I was making memories tho, all I knew, 
I was having a good time... 

What about bad memories.. hurts.. nightmares... ? it just an ugly-truth of life and sometimes a beautiful-nightmares. We just need to face it. It is good if the memories were recorded too.. So that we can see how many people were hurt or even being embarrassed by us. As a self reflection I guess.. I said that coz i've been in the situation before.. sometimes, people were just too ignorance to look back how their friends feel. We keep silent for good and put a smile on our face for the sake of friendship. "Once you hurt someone, it will always be in the back of their mind, even if they still have a smile on their face..We slipped our tongue. I did that too sometimes and regret it..

"kesalahan pada manusia harus diminta maafnya kepada manusia" 

#notakaki: tetibe teringat my essay during my foundation. The title was "The Truth or Silent For Good?"

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