Thursday, February 28, 2013

I AM...

If you trust a , they will be the one friend whom you

 can depend upon through thick and thin.

I Am Eizhar
I Am a Cancer

Sunday, February 24, 2013

That Face !

well, I'm asking questions to seek clarification, 

kalau da tau,, x tnye!

u don't have to this 

Bitch Please FACE!

u just need to answer that question, 

not making that face which kind of memperlekehkan someone..


kadang2 kite jgnlah rasa kita ni tau sume bnde.. 

x kemana pon...

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


this is what happen when i have so many things to settle
feels like putting aside all the works and 
crawl onto my bed and sleep.

-sleep is the best therapy-

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ROTC 2013

This is my first time designing a shirt for my college annual event; so called 

Rhythm Of The Champion..

that CREW thing.. is limited for crew only..
but for others, just the front with the total dark at the back..

thanks to Photoshop CS3 !

#notakaki: sad to hear that something happen behind the scene of this event.. I wouldn't spill it out.. bersabarlah ye... maybe u did a good choice.. ade hikmah disebalik...

Monday, February 11, 2013


Happy Chinese New Year folks ! 
Happy kawen-kawen ye Malays !
Happy Holidays to u Indians.. 

after a month x blk rumah, finally I got my one week konon-konon-winter-break coz of Raya Cina with hujan.. its a snake year tho.. matila.. oghang da la realy-the-very-mery HATE snakes ! hopefully this year xde la anything happen related to snakes ! 

well, cuti ni xde la cuti sgt pon.. keje belambak dow~ plus with my elective subject: Visual Art.. my coordinator saje je nk wat troublesome.. eceh,, wat rajen plak an nk audit my subject.. hak hadoi.. bikin semak sajor.. subject laen tamau audit puleekk... with that, tons of work need to be done.. thanx to u abg Bean Der !

talking about holiday, Segamat now tgh menangis hari-hari.. ntah sedih ngan sape ntah.. org blk tmpt die,, patut die riang2 la kan.. ini sedih-sedih plak.. da x dpt nk basuh baju-kotoq-yg-belambak-dibawa-sebagai-buah-tgn kpd mesin kt umah nih kan.. u know what, first day sampai umah, it was freaking tiresome! heavy traffic from Nilai until exit Simpang Ampat.. x taw la cmne jd kalau continue sampai Tangkak.. sbb sakit pinggang, mlm tu "kroooh-krooh" la awal kan.. dgn hujan sume,  tup2 sedor da pukul 1.30 ptg ! itu pon sbb dgr soundtrack Melodi.. hayoohH~~ terok punye penat tuh.. plus whether yg cozy cmtu kan.. mmg sdp la selubung.. x pernah sejarah tido selama cmtu coz i'm not dat type yg tdo lelame.. tdo bnyk kali xpe.. tp skjp2.. coz rasa mcm bnyk bnde yg telepas kalau tdo lame2..

and today, I woke up early coz my phone's alarm was vibrated like a tsunami was about to hit. haih.. letih pakai BB nih,, BlackBengong I would say.. suke hang tibe2,, bunyik tibe2,, tibe xde line,, mati tibe2.. xpela.. haih.. selagi boleyh guna kan... 

"ceq x kayo nok tukaq enpon stiap sem!"

Sunday, February 3, 2013


If and only if 
there's an easy way to please ourselves for what people had done to me.
I've choose to accept more than walked away.
Coz I believe in second chance.

#notakaki: Saya seorang student yang pemalas... (--_--)"