Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

poor little kid..
hoping that a 'hello' could change everything..
yes.. it change.. almost everything..
but in different way.. 
it made him feel sad & bad..
rather than sexy & happy..

"a goodbye is a start of a new hello"

#notakaki: total sadness now.. lost all my senses... hope i can get through..

Friday, May 18, 2012


"sometimes fates throws two lovers together
just to rip them apart"

A story of a Blender

sad rite ?
this is the preetyugly of a friendship.

my view...

new friends appear (blender)
all surrounded it
neglecting the old friend toaster (bkn syahmi lolx)
enjoying moment with new friend..
totally ignored the old friend..
being blended till pulverized 
totally varnished from the old friend.
poor little toaster..
blender is not the one to be blamed..
it just... 
the fruits need to do a little bit of thinking.. 

#notakaki: jgn sesekali sentapkan aty kwn2 kite yg lame kwn ngan kite sbb dpt kwn baru... :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

hate ~

it was a tiring day.
i need to run everywhere ALONE !
yes.. ALONE !

sorry to say..
no one understand me!
jgn harap aku nk gi umah kaw lagi..
mmg aku x blk la kalau takat blk umah kaw nk gado je!
rosak mood exam...

Saturday, May 12, 2012



"there are two sides to everyone story"

most people are good in judging others. sometimes they miss out the tiny part of oneself. 
this is a truestory of me. Aisy.
alone ? yes i am.

gf ? vacant
crush ? ....
love? thirst..
marriage ? blurry invisible

i wish i can get the love n attention from everyone. but now. it is not gonna happen..
my father is sick(stroke) can't talk,,  and my mother have to take care of him 24/7..
my sisters were all married and they've change..
whenever i'm in trouble,, empty.. sad..
i'll keep it to myself.. as i dun want to add more pressure to my mum.... 
i dun want to trouble my sister..

nvm.. i'l. try to find someone that understand

Thursday, May 10, 2012

hey brotha !


salam n hye.
i wish i've a brother rite now.. dun mind whether younger brotha or elder brotha.. as long as the age range is near to me.. 
i've a lot to share to HUMAN. since my sisters were not being understanding, i hoping for a brotha being send to me and suit the place to consult me, create JOKES, share stories, share PROBLEMS, and support each other interest.. being the only man in a family is hard. It is. girls don't understand boys. 

i wish i'll have one.

i used to have friends we shared a lot : experience, target, problems.....
but now.. 
i'm looking for one.. the one who can resemble a brotha~

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Self Reflection


nothing much.
now, enjoy practicing for Citrawarna this 19th of May.
collaboration with all professional dancers.
feels like i'm the meteor among the stars and planet..
nvm. try to fit in.. 
target: shiny starz cat-walking on milky way.

Major Thing.
for those who felt 
with my attitude
or if i'm being too 
bz body

trillionz appologies from me !
tell me, i'll 
back off

we human ain't perfect. 
we can't see ourselves.
people are our mirror.
they tell us who we are.


#notakaki: i'm losing myself. glory to gloomy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

One & Only


hey peeps..

just came back from sogo.. accompanied ma freinz.. they bought compressor... i think i'm gonna grab it too for swimming purposes(& others too) ... lulz

Lot of things happened the past few weeks.. first Monday itself.. i was late for about 40 minutes ? n masuk lecture hall dengan senyum kambing kacak mintak ampun.... Worse ! they said better xyh dtg coz bkn ade lecture pon.. saje nk tgk kite sume dtg ke x.. mmg Co HoY ! 
after that, there goes.... we need to attend a talk from BTN about 1Malaysia thing.. maklum la... gomen.. lulz.. but luckily the talk was different from the others in the sense of delivery.. bersemangat giler seyh org tu bg talk... sad to say.. if we've set our mentality from the beginning that we don't want to enjoy the show.. there u go ! bnyak kali tersengguk2 n terlelap.. its nature kot... wateva la~

English Week..
team Kupu-Kupu won 1st place for the Treasure Hunt gamez ! lulz.. i thought we had loose bcoz we r too kurang pandai coz we went to wrong checkpoint.. not for once but twice.. vunguk~ but that was fun.. hope to see afiq n aril berbaik semula.. ha'ah ! i hate the serbuk curry n the garlic celup garam.. tengkorak anda ! ingt ni lumba2 utk master chef ke ? Co Hoy ! i'm so gonna took revenge ! haaha.. #siapkawmanggis
Plus, i was in the debate committee wif few friends. it was a good experience.. preparing me for my future schooldays... daaa~

me n eddy went to ASWARA, attending a one-day workshop.. it was totally fun ! i mean totally !
they thought us Makyong #whichiskamidamaster  Tarian Gamelan Timang Burung (fun giler even though susah.. baru basic pon da cramp2 bdn..traditional mmg susah)  and Contemporary n Choreography.. the last part was tremendously fun as we get to know all the people there #participant .. sumpah contemp susah.. i still can feel the pain on my betis now.. n the sijil = CANTIK ! 
well, nk wat cmne,, i dgn eddy je la yg seems to be committed in dance.. i'll grab any chance yg ade.. kwn2 yg laen ? hehe,,, maybe they have 'other commitment'.. kite bkn bley paksa org kalau org da x mnat kan.. huhu..

daa~ i've been selected to be assistant of zZepah as a people to incharge on training for VOL4T.. #turunlatihanponjarang
ultimate frisbee.. we won 3 games n loose 1 game to si tua pejol. lulz.. but still, we r still in the league.. see u guys in final.. gud luck kupu2... jgn kalah dgn situa pejol lg.. lulz...

#notakaki: wanna watch avengers.. but 'they' have already watched it.. wat to do.. i guess i'm gonna be like the meme up there. gonna watch it alone.