Sunday, March 3, 2013

Welcome To NORIS family tree !

Congrats to Helmy and my sister Insyirah for the arrival of their baby boy,

Muhammad Harraz ------- *haven't decided

yg sgt cute cm baby korea sepet same cm ibu die...lahir jam 4.16 am....

on 03032013  weight 3.3 kg...putih merah kulit die...coooomey sgt...both ibu n harraz 

now in a good condition...alhamdulillah...sume slamat..

but sadly,, it was a cesarean.. she had gone through normal delivery for trice..

but this time around,, Allah uji sikit.. ade conflict ckt and perlu operate.

Aisy suggest nama die..

Muhammad Harraz Eirfan

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