Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Tenor

I am one of the members for Koir Kebangsaan Malaysia.
I sing Tenor line.
I am nervous.

Our concert will be on the next weekend..
It will be at MaTiC

actually, i really hope that any of my family members could come and watch me performing.
this is something special for me and i want them to see.
another side of mine.
but then, my dream will never come true.
i know.

I am sad.
coz the date was being postponed..
the concert supposed to take place on 21 October 2013.
all my friends now are on their holidays.

i was planning to bring along my friends to this concert.
coz i want them to see me performing.
represent my family.
but now, 
all of them are now dancing happily in their hometown.

maybe xde rezeki diorg nk tgk.
come on eizhar.
u must strive even no one is around.

i have started my semester break.
bye2 semester 6.
u have given me a lot.

u strike me hard.

hey sem 7.
a new chapter will begin.

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