Thursday, November 8, 2012

bye mates~

finally !!
its freedom...

I officially finished my 2nd year of degree today... can't wait for next semester coz i'll be going for practicum... excited yet a bit nervous.. please be kind to me kid ! if not.. we'll see how.. haha..
apart from that,, i think, i only score on my minor paper as it was the easiest paper among the others.. yg laen,,sumpah mcm haram.. x sabar nk tgk adik2 merana blaja bnde2 tuh.. hahaha.. i kluar awal kot.. sejam stgh dah siap even time allocated was 2 and 1/2 hours... intelligent sgt kan kuar awal.. but still,, i was the second last person who left the room while hidayah was still answering the essay.. yang laen,, sejam da kuar..
personally, i felt that BM is way too susah for me.. not that i lupe daratan or something.. it just,, i don't know.. can it be considered as the interference of our mother tongue since my first language is not BM BAKU~ my 1st mother tongue is Malay Johor... haha... but still..  mmg kompem banyak salah tatabahasa masa buat essay Seni td coz banyak Formal Malay words yg eden dok taw... but insyaallah,,i think i'll score..

second thing.. my beloved seniors,, PISMP cohort 4 KS are going to leave us like forever kot.. i'm gonna miss them.. We r going to miss them.. diorg mmg serious senior yg paling sporting,, havoc n boley masuk ngan adik2 mcm kitorg.. especially in KESENI group,, Kak tikah n ijat.. these two means a lot in my life in IPBA.. they help me a lot,, clean the air,,  and freshen up our life in IPBA.. i think ,, not only me yang akan terasa akan pemergian diorg.. but all of us.... after this,, i'm not sure how IPBA is going to turn up to... hoping for a good thing...gonna miss their laughter, tears, n DRAMAS !

this is the end of the week of our sem... the next two days,, our almost 2 month holiday is going to start.. i'm gonna miss all of my friends since i don't have many friends back in kampung... literally.. coz most of them cuti x sama.. they are university students.. cuti laen2... i ikut cuti skolah sajor ! babai KESENIANS ! see u guys next sem.. n all my PISMP mates too.. 

to my rumates.. please enjoy urself for another couple days here in IPBA. this will be our last time staying together as Three's Stooges.. next semester,, its gonna be Fantastic Four... *in your dream ! i'm sure its not gonna be the same next sem.. u know y.. oh how i miss that we can bahan2 like now.. so,,i wanna say sorry to both of u if i ever had hurt ur feelings or terkasar bahasa,,tergurau mana x kena.. mintak halal atas segalanya.. stay safe and sound n do keep in touch.. jgn nk kegna sgt! insyaallah next sem jumpa lagi... i'm gonna miss u guys.. come back in one piece oke.. not broken into pieces oke.. anything,, kite skype sajor.. itupon if i have internet connection.. kalau nk jalan2,,roger la,, kite bkn jaoh pon...

pada yg nak kawen tu,,slamat pengantin baru... moga kekal ke anak cucu hendaknya... bahagia disamping org tersyg.. kalau ade kelapangan, insyaallah sampai la majlisnye.. :)

#notakaki: i'm still waiting for u to open up stories that u never told me.. :) i'm gonna wait.. i just wanna hear it from urself.. i'm not blind yet a deaf.. just wanna hear it from u.. :) dun worry.. u used to tell stories to me and it remains untold.. :)

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