Saturday, August 11, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

International Children's Art Festival - Baao Children's Choir Philippines 

salam n hye..
happy fasting to all muslims !
even though it is coming to the end but still... its not late to wish rite..

Bulan puasa mcm ni,, i've done a lot of unpleasant things to my life.. 
firstly, truancy... sounds harsh but ya,, i did it.. x student la kan kalau x buat.. haha.. but then again,, i feel bad about it. senang cite,, bulan puasa ni la paling bnyk i skip class (notforthewholedayoke!)... 

besides,, i lost few pounds which org kata Aisy nampak cengkung and sakit. i dunno.. maybe.. bnyk sentap ngan member kot. haha.. boley x? nvm.. people make mistakes but awas ye,, not for twice or trice.. haha.. quite sad coz i've lost about 8 kilos n my waist dropped from 31 to 29... haih... da mcm anorexia da.. hehe.. tp xpe.. raya is coming.. time tu mmg wa nak pulun abez bak ang ! makan tara hengat punye la! haha.. topap balik ruang2 kosong kat badan nih..

other info:
- really have fun iftar with KESENI family.. susah nk gathered ramai2 camtu even still ade yg x dpt join...miss all of them..
- going for SBE this coming Monday at tangkak,Ledang, JOHO (ek?) haha.. quite worried coz we will only go to school for 3 days coz khamis n jumaat is more thing dat i'm afraid is that, hopefully, peristiwa salah paham during my 1st SBE x berulang lagi.. sgt sdey time tuh... haih.. kemon la.. let bygone be bygone..
- now bz with dance practice for MERDEKA show with Shazlan's Dancer on 31st August.. 
- This year raya kat Pekan, Pahang which i'm not quite likey ! better Segamat lagi.. kan.. 
- becoming low self-confidence, and getting upset often..
- struggling for another 2 more years as a teacher-to-be.. 

H.A.P.P.Y..R.A.M.A.D.H.A.N yoll !

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