Saturday, May 15, 2010

what a day!!

well,, nasib malang comes again!!

first plan,, i wanna go,, SWIMMING!!!
but then,,, the receptionist said that,
"ouh,,,sorry la dik,, ari nih kitorg close la,,, ade event,, esok bley la,,kite bukak pagi utk adik.."

ADIK?? i've grown ok!!
well,,, what a shame,,, i was wearing swimming trunk n only a piece of t-shirt n been rejected cam tu jek!!!
uuurrrrrggggghhhh~~~ geram2!!

n then,,, to release da tension....
i went to buy KARIPAP AYAM n sgt sedap ok!!
but then,,, saje gatal2 nk gi bandar,,, so,,,
i drove to the town n park,,,
after bought something,,
i tried to start my car,.,
but then,,,
it's NOT WORKING!!!!
hell ya!!!
GEGEL *gelabah* jap.....
so,,, i tried to call my sis...
arrrgggghhhhh S***!!!
my batteries were out,,,
both fon!!!
luckily i got 50cent in my pocket....
i called my dad n ask him to come here....
but then... my dad said that he was on da way to MELAWAT ORG MATI.....
my uncle's wife....
he asked me to wait for about one hour...
so,,, here am i,,,
singgah CC jap,,, update kemarahan!!

arrrgggghhh!!! what a bad day today!!!

p/s: i'm going to my PLKN camp tommorrow moning!!
      with my PLKN friend.... she going to sleep at my house tonight and i need to pick HER up at bus station.
      but then,,, my car ROSAk!!!!!!!


Niwashini Nambiar said...

pity my frend...nyway wat a day..lolxx

Aisy Ishvan said...

dats y.... kesian kn...huhu..