Tuesday, October 29, 2013

k a t a

Old Town White Coffee Bangsar South

word is just a word.. but it has meaning.. 
it changes our life.. like it or not... 
it might not be meaningful to u..
but it might be for another..

we praise
we lie
we sweet
we goodbye

it's a silent weapon that
sting u like a bee
bite u like a mosquito
cut u like a razor
hit u like wrecking ball

careful with ur words.

it might change ones life.


be careful.

1 comment:

anizzah alli said...

true enough. that's why kita semua digalakkan bermaaf-maafan setiap kali selepas berjumpa. cause apa yang kita cakap might have hurt the other party. tapi tulah, I sendiri pon xpraktikkan benda tu. hahahahahaha -,- *otak tengah senget*