Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hey.. I Miss You.

hey mom..
i miss you..
really really much..
Insyaallah i'll make u proud one day..
i know ur priority is abah now..
u r the iron lady mak..

hey sis!
I miss u too..
we r the only bachelor and bachelorette  in Noris family.
thanx for being there when i need u the most.
Insyaallah, u'll find ur Hero one day..
for the time being.. let me be urs.. :)
please don't leave me like the others did when once the wedding ring is placed.

I love u both.

thanx for being there through my ups and downs.
i know.
our family is not like the others.
when something is not right
i'll keep it to myself.
both of u
had enough of burden to be carried.
and i,
i'll try to live to the fullest.
despite all the sorrow that sometimes hit me hard.
i'll be strong.
i sleep.
i sing.
i eat.
it helps me a lot.
speedy recovery.
one thing i need you to know.

i love you forever.

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anizzah alli said...

stay strong eizhar. :)