Wednesday, April 25, 2012


:everyone felt this way:


i don't know how u guys feel about History subject..
as 4 me,, i think i've been cursed.. #hopenot
i never pass (F) my history exam since i was in Form 1..  I guess the teacher plays an important role to make sure that i am not "HISTORYPHOBIC" as i've been scolded by him bcoz i couldn't answer one of his questions when he first entered my history class.
the failing goes on until my trial exam. #frustrated
Alhamdulillah,, i got C for my PMR.
bersyukur giler coz i really2 struggled those days.. that was the only subject that i sangkut during the PMR,, yang laen? hehe,, Alhamdulillah..

But then, it happened again when i was in Menengah Atas.. 
Maybe i broke the spell given by Mak Esah kot.. #kiddin
x pernah lulus since form 4 and even trial... tuhan je tau risau cam ape time tu..
n i even entered the remedial class for history subject oke.. 
imagine a science students entered the remedial class together with the kelas hujung.. 
shame on me~ #that'sYibudaksains,laenlaIbudaksastera
Alhamdulillah.. i got C5 for my sejarah.. credit yoll !

Thus, in IPBA, m now in sem 3.. HUBUNGAN ETNIK.. 
sounds fun rite ? etnik2,, 1 malaysia,, melayu,, cina,, india,,
podah ! dusta semua tu... those details only appears during the first part only #introduction
the rest were all the historical items,, politics,, polishit.. #eh
the cursed rise ! to the climax... until i demam when answering all the questions yesterday..

i hope tuansyedsilecturermuzik simpati ngan saya dan bagi markah lulus.. mntk2 die bagi markah bnyak tang tulisan cantik tuh.. lol..
well, anyhow,, da lepas pon paper tu.. hopefully LULUS sajor ~ if A ? Alhamdulillah.. if F? Fakziah~ #eh?

#notakaki: eventhough bdn da x pns, tapi still rase x sdp bdn, sengal2 n xde selera mkn.


Orked said...

Sal ramai sgt x suke sej fav subjek tuh...sory laa, for me sej sgt best sengal gak laa nk ingat tarikh byk2x...

xpe, INSYAALLAH, dpt skor nye..hbgn etnik lain dr sej...ari tuh acik goreng gak...x study sgt pun..wakakaka...

gud luck in final exam :)

Aisy Ishvan said...

haha,, tu la.. maybe kalau kite belajar sejarah gune video..mungkin menarik... coz malas nk bace sbnrnye...

hubungan etnik tu insyaallah lulus kot... kalaw skor,, alhamdulillah.. hehe..

gud luck to u too !!