Friday, February 17, 2012

Classroom Management !

salam. *inhale...

haih.. this sem, one of my major paper which is classroom management has reminded me my old days... literary, school days.. haha,, rasakan ! dlu kaw buat ckgu cmtu kan .. now ,, the wheel is spinning! waiting for the time to come ! i'm gonna be a teacher n it scares me a lot. ape la nasib aisy mase jd ckgu nnti kan.. i keep thinking on how i'm gonna make the students love me. haih.. then,, during tutorial just now. Dr. Boon ask on our experiences during schools days in relation to good and bad teacher-student relationship. 

wow.. the first person suddenly pop up in my mind was my Math teacher. u know what, she is one of the most favorite teacher in our school. The way she tackled the students was effective. i still can remember, she used the positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement in her teaching. 

For -ve reinforcement, she will collect 10 cent from the students who didn't finished their homework. Then, she will used the collected money to buy A JAR OF SWEETS ! to reward the student who got the highest mark in Math exam. Meaning that, dia x amek any advantage la kan from us. That's what we called +ve reinforcement. *ithingso... so,, sape mau blanje kawan2 mcm tu je kan ? wah2,. kaw ingt kaw cantik ? aku invest 10 sen utk bg kaw SE JAG gula2 ? meme dop la ! so, eventually, we feel motivated to strive for the best mark in exam so that we got back our reward after INVESTING 10 sen for the unfinished homework! haiyaarrrkk !!

ni hah !! hehehe..
Kak Mon bersama anak2.. :)

So, i was thinking to do the same as i found it effective... haha,,, takut weyh nk jadi cikgu.. takot terlalu garang or terlalu baik sampai budak step on my head... haih... ccccchhhhoooy.. mntak jauh.. 

dara pingitan.. 3 dari kanan..
p/s : eh, muka cikgu ni mcm classmate aisy lorh... yg dlm pic nih,, number 3 dari kanan..Wan Nur Ayuni  grand ! 

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